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Solution for wheel loaders

To maximize the performance of your wheel loaders & buckets, the choice of your ground engaging tools is essential upon your operations. The right match between your excavator and ground engaging tools will increase your productivity, while optimizing the life of your machine and reducing maintenance costs.

Technology made in France

Bucket teeth & adapters for your wheel loader

The FEURST® range of teeth and adapters offer high technology in both arc melting and casting techniques. The quality of our products allows you to extend the life of your ground engaging solutions and to increase your productivity thanks to a wide range of teeth and adapters to be welded or locked.

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How to choose an excavator bucket tooth?

The steel used in the production of the teeth and our in-house heat treatment process are essential to ensure the long life and wear resistance of your ground engaging equipment. The molding process and the sands used determine the life of the teeth, and their fit on the substrate.

The combination of our 3D design with self-sharpening profiles and our renowned steel quality, optimized by our production process, guarantee the user a homogeneous wear and increased wear ratio.

The amount of surface area that comes into contact with the ground during penetration determines the effectiveness of the tooth. If the tooth has a large width, blunt or “domed” surface, additional power from the loader is required to penetrate the material, resulting in increased fuel consumption and greater stress on all machine parts. Ideally, the tooth should be self-sharpening, which means it is designed to continue sharpening as it wears. To penetrate compacted, rocky or frozen ground, choose sharp, pointed “V” teeth. They allow the bucket to easily penetrate the material, but because they contain less material, their life span is short.

High impact bucket teeth will withstand penetrating impacts and high breakout forces. They are best suited for digging and trenching applications when using an excavator, or any other machine with high breakout force, especially in a rocky or rock quarry environment. The fit of the teeth to the adapter is very important because a poor fit returns pressure to the pin, which can create a weak point or the pin can even come off under pressure.

Problem solving for a large French user (earthworks) TKN10 1560 SA x8 Targeted Result: To secure the replacement of ground engaging tools on the maintenance site and especially on the construction site; to optimize the wear ratio and to reduce as much as possible the non-productive intervention times

"With TURNKEY®, and its horizontal gap recovery locking system, we have gone from 800 hours to 1500 hours in production before replacement and we have gained in time and ease of intervention ».

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To be the technical and innovative leader in ground attack tools by mobilizing our teams around our metallurgical expertise and our knowledge of the user’s technical and production issues.

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