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A patented hammerless technology including a line dedicated to the construction sector and a line dedicated to the mining & quarrying sector

Turnkey® is above all an innovative patented system and a technology “made in France”. It guarantees optimal safety thanks to its hammerless keying which considerably reduces the risk of accidents. With its sleeve, there is no risk of damage due to the installation or removal of the tines and a gain in productivity due to their rapid replacement. The advantages of the Turnkey® system are numerous. Perfect load transfer, limited lever arm forces, a coding system that prevents any risk of installation errors, efficient locking, optimal tooth tightening, high performance steel, everything has been thought out so that these products last over time and allow for optimum production.

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TURNKEY® Rhino - Mining & quarrying
NEW - TURNKEY® Grizzly - Construction
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Why choose Turnkey® products?

  • Fuel consumption
  • Quick release
  • Zero machine downtime
  • Increased wear ratio and service

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Our mission

To be the technical and innovative leader in ground attack tools by mobilizing our teams around our metallurgical expertise and our knowledge of the user’s technical and production issues.

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