Bucket equipment for construction

Learn more about our range of teeth, adapters & bucket guards for excavation activities in construction & public works. Our ground engaging solutions – teeth, adapters and shrouds are designed for the most demanding applications to provide maximum productivity.

Learn more about our products for the construction and public works industry

Teeth & adapters for excavator and wheel loaders buckets in the construction sector

Bucket teeth are ground engaging tools that play an important role in the construction & public works industry.

The teeth are specifically designed to provide increased productivity in all applications and requirements of your grounds.

The terrain & applications of the construction industry result in various sources of wear and abrasion. Feurst teeth are manufactured from high strength material, and with high tech melting and molding methods.


Discover Turnkey®

A new hammerless range for the construction market available by the end of 2022.

New range of products !

Feurst® has developed and patented a range of hammerless teeth & adapters  system for the construction, civil engineering and earthmoving sectors, meeting the safety and performance requirements of the market.

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Our teeth solution dedicated to construction

Learn more about our product lines

Turnkey® range

Size range from 3 to 19 covers machine applications from 8 to 350T weight.

Patented hammerless system with horizontal locking device.

Fastkey© range

Size range M to 9 covering machine applications from 1 to 35T weight.

Patented hammer system with vertical pinning system.

Adaptables© range

Range of teeth frequently used in construction and public works.

Our shrouds range

Range of shrouds to be welded or locked, to protect the sides, the leading edge and the heels of the buckets.

Our tooth profiles for construction

Which tooth to choose to equip my machines ?

Our Fastkey® and Turnkey® ranges are made up of different tooth profiles, each optimized for a specific use. Find out which tine profiles are right for you !


  • Select your gear :

  • What are the requirements for your ground?

  • Based on your selections, these are the best options for you...


Bucket protection

Turnkey® shrouds

Find our hammerless shrouds to be locked : bucket, blade and side protections ; With bi-metal pads & bars to be welded



Why choose Feurst products to equip your excavators and wheel loaders ?

Feurst® bucket teeth are made of low carbon steel capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of the construction and quarrying industries. Our ground engaging solutions offer answers to all your needs through a range covering all applications & requirements in terms of impact/penetration balance.

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