Choosing the right ground engaging tool ensures optimal bucket life and reduces maintenance and machine fuel consumption

Twin Pick Pick Rock Chisel Resistance Mining Rock Chisel + Reinforced abrasion Super Abrasion Resistance Mining + Pick Short Reinforced Abrasion + Penetrating Abrasion Coal Penetration

Twin Pick

Twin Pick: Double vector tooth used on buckets corners for protecting the sides from wear.

Available in 10, 11 & 13


Pick: Long and sharp tooth ensuring an excellent penetration.

Available in size 10, 11, 13 & 15

Rock Chisel

Rock Chisel : Perfect tooth shape for a strong penetration. Excellent compromise wear material/penetration.

Resistance Mining

Resistance Mining: Mining tooth provides a good balance of abrasion resistance and penetration for tough applications

Rock Chisel +

Rock Chisel +: Enough material for a correct abrasion resistance perfect shape enabling better penetration

Reinforced abrasion

Reinforced abrasion
Wheel Loader tooth for highly abrasive use, large heel.

Super Abrasion

Super Abrasion
Excellent abrasion resistance with a heel that maintains a penetration profile

Resistance Mining +

Resistance Mining + : Reinforced mining excavator tooth offering a good ratio between abrasion resistance and penetration in severe applications.

Pick Short

Pick Short: Short tooth, accurate shape to be used as rock cutting tooth

Reinforced Abrasion +

Loader tooth for very hard and abrasive use, important heel.

Penetrating Abrasion

Loader tooth offering good wear resistance combined with good penetration.

Coal Penetration

Pointed and penetrating Tooth,used to scalp layers of materials in less abrasive environments (such as coal).