STICKEY® teeth and adapters

Stickey® sheet assembly instructions


Stickey® teeth : wear parts range using elastic capacity resin

Main features of the process:

  • Perfect reliable pin locking system,
  • Elastic dumping function,
  • Simple and easy assembling.

Two-component synthetic resin, being introduced using a gun, polymerizes in a few minutes. A consistent assembly is thus achieved enabling to perfectly solidify all components, i.e. adapter, resin, pin and tooth.

This results in a high-performance and high-quality system, with an anti-drop lock system being aided with an ideal elastic element enabling to perfectly adapt its shape to the positioning of the tooth depending on the need. This system enables achieving a final assembly being comparable to the assembly of new parts, even with an adapter having a rather long service life.

The elastic element, by diffusing in the whole available volume, including the clearances volume, creates a braking effect limiting the teeth motion on the adapters and thus significantly reducing the wear of these last ones.

Vertical stresses are balanced via:

  • stabilizing flat profiles enabling to maintain stress free the tip on the pin locking system
  • side fastening ears enabling a perfect transfer of the loads

The pull-in system makes the tooth integral with the holder. The nose geometry enables the adapter to compensate the vertical, side and longitudinal loads applied to the adapter.

The self-sharpening shape of the tooth ensures a perfect penetration in the material. The vertical, centred and curved pin system enables that the tooth fully uses the bearing faces on the adapter’s nose during all multidirectional stresses involved.


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